Vain and vein .. let that thing go...


 Reign in your vain vein rain

      turn turn turn El Dorado run
     Run with the wind / the  slanting sunlight


As if


   As if my poems were in your mouth
            like a sandwich we made

                   if the water wine
                            and your hips were songs

                      How could I forget the love we made    
                                  asking how you could forget  


was it?


      Was it yesterday  you saw the sun?

            It was night it was day it was sunset

                                             rising riding


today (2 x times )


 today you remain far as I too
       (I do not forget)
     thoughts and imaginary hands swing in synch
           (our imagined real ones ring)


           today you remain  far as I do yet
               our thoughts and imaginary hands swing together

                       those tell a story reckoning beauty and peace
                               desire which built a house near your name


a blog is a ...


a blog is a never ending building a machine which never ends ending.. the idea of ending we travel in quantum logs,
    far fierce to love and truth,  


Joyce and the signifier


 "a rhyme arrived! ting went  the cook!tang went the  pot! Luzia has contrived her Donneing socks oh so refined her signifier's declined😃😄😃.

A theoretical shirt in the bush  exceeded our met her pour!  burbling n boiling in the churning pyre ! shanti!shanti!Aunty they  plucked me out!ouch!ouch! the pees what passeth all bladdification😊yomyom yom"
Thee UnDiScoVered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.. why the veil is so beautiful
         and the freedom their choice,

Do you choose your body then?we don't know but in the future we will choose our Resurrection

           not a dogmatic kingdom of demands and demains but one darkly understood through glass for the time being...

re jazz '

'I've  got no kick against  modern jazz
  unless they try to play it too darn fast
          and lose the beauty of the melody and made it sound  like a symphony ..'nb
                   until it sounded like a hurricane!

you thought

you thought you could write
 poetry behind my back and
   get away with it,

     get away get away a song that displays its foreign credentials lover
        of a thousand nights serious songs,
         there are no more periods, we won't have any, only commas with doubt on
           them splintered like your name

No one


   No one said you had a name anyway, the Montreal skyline down over head
         I want your body
             night close to mine
                  sphere seen and unseen that's the rapture what counts,
      how speaking nuance counts creating not telling
           how anyone does it the rapid river
                      of prurience sent its own way,                 
                               lovers mouths breathing
                          speaking the intimate count of our knowing you love this
                                     you love me
                                                i too love you as has been known for years
                                                     before fortune fame poverty vows of retreat
                                                                  lover before lover,


  advice to you
   tread daintly near that terrible place
     the ground is rotten with fear
    & endless tear
  walk carefully
avoid it if you can
at all costs

take the further retreat at the rear,
& leave forever,
 no place is worth your treasured eyes 
  your smile future full
 words worlds,  glowing 
 ones in dark color light and day,
 come here,  come here
(near me)
  retreat by the rear as soon as possible
 as soon as you can

AsP on the life board
 to breathing fair steer
 close to life
after the fire of hate
 the fire of fear,


Be another..

   compromise thy egotism.. be another. be be be not thyself..

Be...  i have been Longfellow  in the long house I've been Whitman on that open road ring this electric body many times over and over oboe lover of the seven seas eRic Dolphy became waves of dilated dollies  busted on the coast of Iceland doilies on place table curtains in her room kids in her song lovers in her song lobbing leman Lemuel her tardy...

___Call this a sketch bow daddy I love her ... on the way..telegraphees ..her GPS her usb our cable connecting phone pad





  if you were there our kisses would know things no one else does,
         how dare they an ocean astride our legs our love
      made of things yet to exist,
              trying to bear the time which holds you distant or myself a rare breed of loving, you
       as you are and not as you'd be made,

        then when my hands held you close in that private place
                      only you and i know exclusivingly love's den,
                     your armored hum,
                                      a caress rings out a splash of color
                                   across the sky of our sharing,
                              O i'd love, my love,




  i'd continue loving you over shells,
               sheaves of wheat,
            provinces of hate, numbers of care rooms, into space arrivals,
            nectar swooned gods,

                With this your melody swings a rocking motion bare
                           to any nakedness we'd sing forlorn,
                      not accidentally but substantially in
                                                               the care of looms,

                                                and other incessant notes,  twines, chords, and
                                                          clefs close to your narrative,
                                       my love, my true love,